Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cereal Box Puppet Theater

A cereal box is the perfect size for our stick puppet theater.Materials:
cereal box
exacto knife
paper-plain or patterned or both
double stick tape

1. Cut a large square in the middle of the front side of the cereal box.
2. Cut a smaller rectangle near the bottom of the back side of the box.
3. Place the edge of the paper along an edge of the box, fold it over the opposite edge, cut along the fold, and then tape the piece in place with double stick tape. I did this on each side of the box until it was completely covered.
4. I cut two rectangles for the curtains on each side of the front window. I used an accordion fold and attached them with double stick tape.
5. I cut a long strip for the top of the curtain and attached it with double stick tape in a ruffled style.

Show time!

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Tonya said...

Love this idea, thanks for posting!!!

I love your blog!

Nyla said...


Michelle Sybert said...

seriously, God must have given you the "extra creative" gene when he made you, because, girl, this idea, is out of control awesome! I'll be linking! said...

Oh how cute, I just love this! Michelle (above) emailed me this darling project and I'll be linking as well. I'm in debt to her for letting me know about such an awesome blog!

Alisa said...

You are so creative! This is an adorable and easy project. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa Leonard said...

so so so so so fun!!!!!

jvaughn0311 said...

cute idea!!!

Zepharia Andres said...

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