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Best Above Ground Pools Consumer Reports – Buyers Guide

Want to cool off and relax? Want to swim?

Then a pool is the perfect choice for you. An above ground pool is ideal because it can be set up in a matter of hours and is only a fraction of the cost of a regular pool. So, you can get to the important part – relaxing and all without breaking the bank!

I have used a selection of different above ground pools and below are the best options. I have included a range of different products varying in size and purpose but one thing they all have in common is quality.

Great All Rounder

#1 Intex 18ft X 52in

Intex 18ft X 52in
For me this Intex pool is a great all rounder and will be a good suit for a lot of different people. This is because it offers a quality medium sized pool for a very reasonable price point. Let me get into the details now.

First off let me talk about the set up. In my experience, it took me about 2-2.5 hours to get everything set up including the filter and pump. So, if you are going to take it up and down every year then it shouldn’t be a massive pain though it will undoubtedly take you a little time. I would also like to mention it comes with a ground cloth to put below the pool which keeps the ground softer when standing in the pool. You can also add more yourself if you see fit though I didn’t feel the need to myself.

All the parts that fit together very well and I am very impressed with their quality. The water stays clear mainly thanks to the filter. The filter system is great and filters almost all the sand and dirt out of the water. This keeps the water clear for a very long time and it won’t need flushed out for a long while. The pump has a timer system so you can set it to filter water on a schedule the one problem with this is that if you turn on the pump manually this will reset the timer which is a bit of an annoyance.

This pool has a simple setup, keeps the water clean and clear and is just generally a set and forget thing which I really like all while being very affordable.

  • Easy setup
  • Affordable and good value
  • Effective pump and filter system
  • A little silk will collect in the medium of the pool over some weeks

The Bargain Option

#2 Intex 10′ x 30″ 

Intex 10' x 30" 
If you are looking for a pool option that is cheap then this is your best option. Even though it’s cheaper than most options it still offers a nice overall build and quality.

This pool is better suited for children because it’s not as deep as other pools at 26 inches of depth maximum. The pool itself is easy to setup and only took me about an hour. The pump and filter system isn’t the best I have ever used but it works fairly well for this size of pool. It’s also nice that they have included 6 filters for the pump right out of the box.

Overall this pump exceeds the expectations thanks to the quality and the great value for money and is an easy recommendation for me to make.

  • Great pool for children
  • Easy set up
  • Good materials and structure
  • Bargain price
  • The pumps power could be improved a little

Great Value Medium Sized Pool

#3 Intex 24-Feet by 12-Feet by 52-Inch

Intex 24-Feet by 12-Feet by 52-Inch
This Intex pool is an ideal medium sized pool that offers everything you need out of a pool. One of things that impressed me about this pool is everything that is included in the box. You get the pool itself and all the parts you need for that alongside the sand filter pump and saltwater system, a ladder, cover for the pool, ground cloth, a kit for maintenance and even a volleyball set!

The set up was quite simple though it will take you 2-3 hours which I think is reasonable for a pool of such a size. I would recommend having at least 2 people to put this together because it will make a lot of the steps quite a bit easier to do.

The main advantage of this pool is the pump and filter system. It works extremely well and keeps the water crystal clear for weeks.  Though you should know you will need 200 lb of salt and 60 pounds of sand which is an extra cost you should consider.

  • Quality pump and filtration system
  • Durable structure and materials
  • Everything included(pool cover, ground cloth etc)
  • Good value
  • Additional cost for salt and sand is needed.

Large High End Pool

#4 Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in

Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in
This larger pool is very similar to the last pool I mentioned above from Intex. It offers a very similar build quality and structure alongside the pump and filter system. Please read above for more information on that.

The main difference with this one is of course the size, it’s quite a bit bigger and is a bigger size for swimming. Everything that is included with the previous model is also included with this, please read above for all the information.

The one noticeable difference with this one is the ladder. It is not as strong and sturdy and was the only downside I could really find with it. I would recommend having another ladder or set of steps to get into this pool instead.

  • Great pump and filter system
  • Great build quality and premium materials
  • Everything needed included
  • The steps included are not as sturdy as I would like.

Indoor Pool Option

#5 iPool D Set with Heater

iPool D Set with Heater
The final pool on my list to round up the Best Above Ground Pools Consumer Reports is this iPool D set. This pool is designed for indoor use. It has a 6-meter footprint that is designed to go in your basement or garage for example.

First of the set up of this pool will take you about 2-3 hours. It’s definitely not the easiest set up but the instructions are easy to follow so it should simple enough for most people.

Included you get pump and filter system that works just as intended and does a great job of keeping the water clear. The filter will need to be replaced every 3-6 months. This model of the pool comes with a heater which allows you to adjust the temperature as you like which is a god send in the colder months. You can also get a version without the heater here.

One of the main benefits of this pool is the harness. You attach yourself to this harness which is a simple process. Then you can adjust the tension to suit yourself then swim as you like – it works really well and is an excellent means of exercise.

Getting a similar indoor pool installed for exercise like this can easily cost you $10k+ if not $20k+ so for some people this pool will be a great choice.

  • Simple and effective
  • Quality materials
  • Good pump and filter system
  • Heater system is great
  • n/a

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