Where to Find Good Work Boots

Where to Find Good Work Boots

Finding good work boots can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Though truth be told there are a host of places that are great to buy from. Below let me list a few of my personal favourites and the pros and cons of each of them.

Where to Find Good Work Boots


Of course, let me first talk about a company I’m sure that you already know about – Amazon. Amazon has a great selection of work boots to choose from. Anything from leather that look classy to sturdy metal toed boots they have a great selection which is too be expected of such a large company. Also, if you aren’t happy with your purchase for whatever the reason they will usually allow returns without any problem which is a great reassure when buying online. Another great thing about Amazon is that you may already have an account, so you don’t have that annoyance of having to create a new account etc.


While Bootbarn isn’t quite as popular as Amazon they still have a solid selection of different boots available for sale. They have a nice selection of a choice of different boots – there is for sure to be a kind or style that will definitely suit your taste. Their pricing is also very fair and reasonable and any orders over 75$ allows for free delivery. It’s worth noting their customer service is great if you have any problems that need resolved.


While Timberland only sell their own boots, this isn’t really a problem. They have a solid selection of different styles, but it should be noted most of their boots have a certain style which some people simply don’t like. It’s like when your see someone wearing a pair of Timberland boots they are usually immediately recognisable with can be a good or bad thing depending on your taste. Also, their prices are usually more expensive that other stores, but their boots are really high quality, so this is a thing for you to weigh into your consideration when choosing where to purchase from.


Danner too are a brand I like and of course they only sell their own brand on their site. Though I have included them because of how much I like their boots. In my own personal taste, they are not only stylish but are incredibly durable. They are split into different categories as well with make choosing the style you want a lot easier. While they don’t have as great a selection as Amazon for example they still have a selection all of which are well designed. It should be most of their boots are on the medium to high range when it comes to pricing.


I like Cabelas because if you are lucky you can find a store near you and you can try them on before you buy which saves some hassle if you don’t know your right size. If you are looking for some more cheaper prices they have some good options for under 100$. They also have a decent selection of boots at about 150 at time of writing. Any order online of over 50$ also gives free delivery which is nice and in my experience if you have any issues with needing to change size or whatever they are always helpful to get that sorted for you.

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