Unchewable Dog Harness

Unchewable Dog Harness – Literally Unchewable!?

If you are on the market for a dog harness that simply can’t be chewed, that is incredibly tough and durable then you have come to the right place. One thing to keep in mind when looking for a chew proof dog harness is finding one that not only is made from a tough material but one that fits the dog well so you don’t have any loose parts that they can start chewing on – that is probably even more important than the material itself in some cases. After searching for harnesses with exactly that in mind and testing over 10 different options myself I have concluded the best 3 options counting down to the best unchewable dog harness on the market.

Unchewable Dog Harness – The Best 3

#3 Dean and Tyler The Victory Solid Brass Hardware Dog Harness

This harness is ideal for small to average sized dogs that allows for fitting of girth to range from 23 inches to 34 inches.

When it comes to high end products Dean & Tyler are no stranger. One of the main reasons this harness has made it to my top 3 options is because of the materials that they have used. The leather is incredibly strong and durable yet still remains soft on the touch. Unlike a lot of other leather harnesses this will be very comfortable for the dog from when you buy it whereas a lot of poorer quality leathers need to be worn in for some months before loosening and becoming less stiff.

All the metal pieces are made from brass which too is of a high quality that is designed for longer life and preventing rust.

When using this harness, you will immediately see that not only is it extremely tough and can’t be torn through thanks to the way the harness is designed. That means if you are walking your dog and they tend to pull on the leash, thanks to this design the weight is dispersed and means less pull on your hand and the same for the dog as well.

Because the harness can be adjusted to fit very neatly this also makes the harness unreachable for the dog to even attempt to chew it in most cases.

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#2 Bestia genuine leather “Maximus” dog harness.

This harness is designed for big dogs, breads like rottweiler, presa, can corso and bulldog to name a few would be the perfect fit for this harness.

This harness has an incredible look and feel. Not only is it made from a premium leather but it’s been handmade insuring that the quality is top notch.

Due to the overall design of this harness – it prevents the dog from chewing through it due to how it sits on the dog. That is because it is close to the body with no loose parts for the dog to grab hold off so it virtually impossible for that to happen.

The leather on the front inside is well padded and will be very comfortable for your dog and helps lower the pressure when your dog is pulling on the leash.

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#1 Dean and Tyler The Boss Nickel Belt Style Buckles Leather Dog Harness

This Dean & Tyler harness is my personal favorite and the best option when it comes to a unchewable dog harness. This harness is made for dogs with the girth of 31 inches to 41 inches.

One of the things that stood out to me the most was the quality and thickness of the leather, this is some of the toughest and most durable leather I have ever had my hands on. Also the design of the harness allows for the pressure to be applied on front side when your dog is pulling but the front area is well padded just like the #3 option.

Each part of the harness can be adjusted so you can really get the perfect fit with no parts hanging loose for your dog to get hold off and start chewing. This adjustability really makes it a perfect harness.

One final thing I would like to mention with this harness is the overall quality of the leather and nickel and the overall craftsmanship. Everything is top of the line and it’s going to last you for many years to come thanks to that!

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