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The Best Log Splitter

When considering what is the best log splitter on the market there are a lot of things to consider. Things like splitting force is important, build quality, ease of usage to name a few with a lot more features to be considered as well. So, after testing over 15 different variants I have come to the conclusion of the best 5 options that I have ranked from the 5th best to number 1. Now let’s get to the best log splitter!

Best Log Splitter – The Top 5F

#5 Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

When it comes to finding a high-quality log splitter at it reasonable price it can be difficult but this Boss Industrial splitter provides a high level of quality along with being at a very low price point.

For anyone who is unaware the power used to split the logs is known as splitting force and is typically measured in tons, the more tons of splitting force the more easily it will split woods and it would usually be advised that for harder woods that you need a high splitting power and logs with a bigger diameter.

This log splitter has a 7-ton splitting force which can handle logs of 12 inches of diameter and 20.5 inches long. I cut a variety of different woods, including oak, cherry, elm, ash and pine all of which it cut easily. It literally melted though the softer ones and even made light work of some of the hardwoods.

In terms of the build quality – it is very strong and sturdy and accurately heavy duty. If you are splitting bigger wood I wouldn’t recommend going for it but if you are using it for smaller pieces that fall within the advertised dimensions then this can easily work wonders for you all at a very affordable price point.

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#4 Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The 2 things that stood out to me about this log splitter was the actual splitting power and the price point at which its available.  It really has no problem splitting even some of the hardest woods including birch, elm and even hickory which is one of the hardest woods out there, even pieces that where knotty it made easy work of which I was impressed with.

It has a 7-ton splitting power and is rated to cut 20.5 inch in length and 12 inch in diameter. Though in my usage I was able to cut through plenty of logs that where up to 20 inches in diameter and others have even reported even larger logs than that. Considering the price that is immensely impressive.

As the name may lead you to believe this thing is a powerhouse but that doesn’t mean you need more power than from a normal outlet. Having such a thick power cord had me a little worried but after using it, it was obvious that there were no power issues at all which was remarkable!

If you want an affordable option that cuts anything that you throw its way then the Powerhouse log splitter is definitely worth considering.

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#3 Champion Power Equipment 100251

One of the things that immediately stood out to me about this log splitter is that you can tow it using your car, to me that is an incredibly useful feature that is especially beneficial for someone who is constantly having to split logs in different locations. Having these wheels also makes for moving it around and positioning as you want very simple and easy to do. Another particularly cool feature it has is that you can split your logs horizontally or vertically which is a nice touch, if they are too heavy splitting them horizontally is preferred or if you want you can split them top down.

In terms of general functionality this splitter is top notch. It starts every time on the first pull and it cuts through anything, even the knottiest trees with the hardest of woods. I used it with hickory and oak and it worked flawlessly.

Having these practical features and perfect functionality with an immense splitting power of 25 tons and the ability to split logs of any dimension and a length of 23.8 inches – this is easily a contender for the best log splitter out there right now.

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#2 YARDMAX YS2565 25 Ton Half Beam Gas Log Splitter

This log splitter has a splitting power of 25 tons and a log capacity of 25.5 inches. One of the most unique features with this splitter is the ability to be able to split logs into 4 pieces. This feature is only available on Yardmax splitters which is a major selling point. The 4-way splitting works perfectly as you would expect, and you can also do a normal 2 way split if you would prefer.

This log splitter also has a dual cradle which catches any logs that have been split, which is a useful feature and you never have the problem of logs falling off or away from the splitter altogether.

There is also what they call a spinner plate of the side of the splitter which is in direct contact with the log and it allows you to align the log so you can split it just how you like which is a very useful feature and save a lot of time from having to manually twist and turn yourself to find the perfect orientation.

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The Best Log Splitter

#1 Dirty Hand Tools 100171, 22 Ton Horizontal/Vertical Gas Log Splitter

I had to give the best log splitter to this Dirty Hand Tools. With some of the main reasons being the amazing quality of the log splitter they have designed along with being a very competitive price point.

This log splitter has a splitting power of 22 Tons which is basically enough for splitting any tree imaginable even 35 inch oak trees it can do without any resistance, knotty parts are a breeze even green and seasoned too. It just works flawlessly.

It to like the Yardmax has the option to be able to split vertically or horizontally  – whichever suits you most – this is a nice option to have available.

Also, its worth mentioning that it has a 4-way blade which makes splitting bigger logs much faster than the standard blade that you usually see on splitters and for someone who is going to be a heavy user it is a massive time saver and would without a doubt be very valuable to some people.

The overall quality is amazing which the Kohler engine starting usually in 2 pulls and the ram and beam having such a strong and durable structure and build along with having lots of power, that is sure to last for years and years to come. I can easily recommend this log splitter as the best log splitter on the market right now!

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