Keurig K50 vs K55 – Detailed Comparison

Keurig is a well know brand – they are famous for creating some high-quality coffee makers.

Though they do offer a host of different models I today want to focus on the Keurig K50 and the Keurig K55 to see that difference between the 2 options and what is the best suited one for you. As you may have guessed the K55 is the newer model to the K50 though does that means it’s the better option? Read more below to find out.

Keurig K50 vs K55 – Similarities







In terms of the direct comparison between the 2 models they have a lot of similarities as you might have imagined:

  • Both have a water reservoir of 48 ounces which can be removed
  • Both have brewing options of 6oz,8oz &10oz
  • Both take under 1 minute to finish 1 cup of coffee
  • Both are about the same height
  • Both have a drip tray which is removable for easy cleaning and both have button control
  • Both can be descaling option for cleaning

Keurig K50 vs K55 – Differences


One of the things you may have immediately noticed between the 2 is the design – the K55 is much more modern looking than the somewhat dated looking K50.

Another difference between them that you can’t see in the pictures is the weight, the K55 is about 50% heavier than the K50 which weighs in at 12 pounds. Not only is it heavier but it feels more durable and tough and the overall build quality is a definite step up when compared to the K50.

As far as maintaining them they both have a descale option which helps to keep them clean and will undoubtedly extend their lifespan. Both have a drip tray which can be removed and cleaned and the same goes for the water reservoir. It’s also worth mentioning the K50 is lighter and also has a slightly smaller footprint at about 2 inches shorter.

Making Coffee

One of the most important features of any coffee machine is how the coffee actually tastes. I can say that both of these machines make excellent and vibrant coffee. If you have been more of an instant coffee apprentice in the past this will open your eyes and you won’t ever want to go back to your olds ways. Not only does it taste amazing but it makes coffee in under 1 minute!

Usage & Convenience

Both of the machines have a button control, both of which are very easy to operate and use. The buttons on the K55 feel more premium and just higher quality overall though that’s only a minor difference.

As for the time it takes for your coffee to be made both are comparable and both take less than 1 minute from the coffee heating and brewing to serving. Both machines can make about 6 cups of coffee without the need for a refill.


It seems to me as Keurig are slowly discontinuing the K50 as it is becoming harder and harder to get one for a reasonable price. With the K55 usually being available at a lower price point than the K50 it would appear to be the best value for money option of the 2. Though if you can snag a deal for the K50 it still is a great buy.

Keurig K50 vs K55 – Conclusion







Truth be told both of the machines are extremely similar in functionality – both produce amazing tasting coffee in little time, both can be easily cleaned and descaled and both can be easily operated.

The main difference between the 2 is the design and the durability. The K55 is clearly the more modern option and not only is it more modern but it is also more durable and overall is just feels higher quality than the K50 which feels a little cheaper build quality wise.

Also, the K55 is much easier to come by and this usually makes it the cheaper option. So, for me the K55 is the better option because of those couple of main differences. Though if you can pick up the K50 for a lower price it is still a great choice.