Orijens Dog Food Reviews

Orijens Dog Food Reviews – The Best Dog Food Out There?

Orijen have been known to deliver extremely high-quality products and this is no exception to the rule here. They have a host of different options when it comes to dog food but here today I have used the Orijens Original which is the most popular and best suited for most dogs.

Orijens Dog Food Reviews – Overview

First of let me start of by talking about the protein sources. Typically, in most common dog foods you have in the range of 20-25% of protein. Though with this Orijen dog food you get 7 sources of protein totally to 38% protein. It used to be common that the best amount of protein was thought to be around the 20% for a dog but over the years we have learnt that that simply isn’t the case. If you think about it dogs are an ancestor of wolfs and they have a diet based primarily on meats, so it makes sense on that level. Also after reading Orijens dog food reviews I can easily see that dogs not only love it but it benefits their health in the long run.

When it comes to the ingredients included everything is of the utmost of quality. Things included are an all-natural range of fruits, vegetables and nutritional supplements.  Nothing here could be described or thought of as a bulking agent or a filler. Everything included has great nourishing value not to mention everything included is 100% natural.

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To give you are few examples of some of the ingredients included – when it comes to meats they have 7 sources of meat the main one being chicken, others included turkey, herring and salmon etc. They also include some organs which thought to some humans may seem gross but are a great source of protein and a massively healthy option. Also, it’s worth mentioning the walleye and salman included have a lot of great health benefits including omega 3 fish oils which are needed for every healthy dog to sustain life.

When it comes to vegetables things included are lentils both red and green alongside chickpeas and regular peas all of which are high in natural fiber and very nutritious. Also, its worth mentioning that a host of vitamin supplements are also included. For example Vitamin A, D3, E, B12, zinc and iron etc.

When looking at all the calories that are included in each serving you have a breakdown of the split of ingredients. 40% of that makes up of fat, 35% of that makes up the protein and the last 25% makes of the carbs. This is a nice balance between fat and protein amounts and perfect for keeping a dog healthy.

When it comes to my own personal thoughts it is easy to see that this food is amazing in so many ways and its easy for me to recommend. I personally recommend picking some up on Amazon where the price is great and convenient too.

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