Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System Pif-300 Reviews

Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System Pif-300 Reviews

When it comes to wireless dog fences, PetSafe are definitely the go to company and the market leader. But that being said doesn’t necessarily mean they have a quality product. So I have used the system myself and also read a host of other wireless dog fence reviews for this system to come to my conclusion. Now let’s get to the review.

Petsafe Wireless Pet Containment System Pif-300 Reviews – Overview

First off, this system can be purchased for use with 1 dog all the way up to 5 dogs which is convenient if you need to use it for multiple dogs. When it comes to the set up, it is stupidly easy and simple to do, basically you will plug it in where you want it to run from. This should ideally be where you want the center of the invisible containment area to be. Basically, once you have it in place and plugged in you set the boundary level which is the distance from the center to the border which is in a circle form. The boundary can extend to 180 feet full circle size or about ½ an acre. Once you have done that you can attach the collar and its basically ready to go. So, set up really is super simple. Also in the box is 50 flags that you can put where the effective border is, this can teach the dog where the boundary is, so they can better understand.

(included collar)

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They come with batteries, they aren’t rechargeable and you will have to replace them when they run dead, though in my usage I was able to get about 3 months of runtime with regular usage, so the battery life is great but you will have to consider buying batteries.

When it comes to the usage itself when your dog gets nears the border the collar will vibrate then if they pass the border they will get shocked, if they stay outside the border the shock will stop after about 20 seconds though usually the initial shock will be enough for them to realize and they will quickly come back within the boundary. Personally, my husky realized very quickly how it worked I was able to let him out without having to worry about him escaping. It’s common for people using this device to have great result just like I have. Usually within a couple of weeks if not months your dog will realize the boundaries and after some time you wouldn’t need to use the collar at all bar for your own piece of mind.

The collar I used was suitable for dog’s necks sized between 6 and 28 inches but there is also an option better suited for smaller dogs. It’s also worth mentioning that the collar is waterproof and fits well and is made from a strapping which is comfortable.

Overall this is a great system that does exactly what you would expect and all at an affordable price point!

Extreme Recommendation.

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