Roomiest Carry On Luggage

The Roomiest Carry On Luggage

I been fortunate often to have travelled a lot and I often fall into the problem while having a so called bigger suitcase or backpack isn’t always enough or is unpractical due to its size, so after using and testing 10 different suitcases myself I have come to the conclusion of the best option out there that is easily the roomiest carry on luggage out there. You wont ever need to worry about having enough space to fit everything inside this one because of its design and effective use of space without feeling like you are moving something titanic.

Roomiest Carry On Luggage – The Best Option

G-RO 22” International Expandable Carry-On Luggage

This piece of luggage has so many features and elements that not only make it the roomiest piece of luggage out there but also it has so many features and qualities that makes it shine above all others. First of let me talk about the overall design. The first thing you may notice from the pictures is how the wheels are designed. When I first saw this myself I was a little dubious of how effective and functional they actually are but after using them myself I can see not only do they stand out and look amazing but they are tough and work flawlessly as you would expect. Because of how the wheels are designed it also allows for utmost usage of space inside the luggage which measures in it 9” width x 14” length x 22” height.

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The case itself it made from a ballistic nylon material which basically means super high durability. If you are someone who may be worried about their valuables getting damage when it transit you won’t have to worry with this case because of how incredibly strong it is. It also has a dual TSA approved locking system which will prevent anyone from getting inside. The bag is designed with everything to keep your valuables safe including panels which are designed to be impact resistant.

When it comes to actually using the case – the handle can be retracted into the backside of the case which of course extends to be used as a pull along that of which feels good to use, it is very well balanced regardless if fully loaded or almost empty which makes for pulling along that much easier especially when full.

One of the cool features that may sway you to buy this and one of the features that sparked my interest was the case having a built in usb charging station which is invaluable in some circumstances and works as you would expect it to. It has 2300 mAH which basically equates to 10 recharges of an average mobile phone before needing to be recharged again.

While this isn’t the biggest suitcase by dimensions it certainly offers the most effective use of space without the luggage feeling too big or somewhat of a burden. It is definitely the roomiest carry on luggage that I have used and one that I use on all of my travels because of how practical and high quality it is.

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