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Best Electric Chainsaw – Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Often when people consider a chainsaw they automatically assume that they are only available with gas powered engines, but there are electric chainsaws that work even better than the gas ones. Not only are electric chainsaws more affordable but they are more practical especially for the household user, they are portable thanks to being more lightweight and not being anywhere near as noisy as their gas counterparts. Maintenance of these electric chainsaws is also much easier – you don’t have to change the oil, or maintain the carburetor or air filters for example. After all these electric chainsaw reviews I have come to the conclusion of the best 5 options counting down to the best electric chainsaw on the market right now.

Electric Chainsaw Reviews – The Top 5

#5 Makita 5012B

This electric chainsaw is perfect for the average user. This is mainly because of its very low price point and not being suited to cutting through very thick wood, but it was easily able to cut through pieces that where 15 inches thick but if you need to cut through thicker wood I’d recommend going for another one of the options in this list.

For reference, it has a cutting speed of 5500fpm which cuts through everything I have tried easily. The handles and grips are very comfortable, lightweight and its surprising how great it feels when using it especially considering the price its available for. It is also satisfying from the aspect how much quieter it is than a gas counterpart, it only makes any real noise when it’s cutting and it feels more precise and accurate too.

If you are looking for an affordable option for household tasks that provides a solid quality for a great price point then this could be the best electric chainsaw for you.

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#4 EGO Power+ 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

This ego electric chainsaw is a great option for someone you not only wants an affordable electric chainsaw but one that provides great overall quality, let me explain why.

First off, this chainsaw is lightweight, you will be particularly surprised of how lightweight it is especially if you came from a gas-powered chainsaw. Due to it being more lightweight and the well positioned handles it makes usage very easy and comfortable with minimal strain and that was only felt after over an hour of usage.

I used it for over 1 hour without the battery running out so I was more than happy with the battery life. It can also cut top down or bottom up so you are not limited to one cutting orientation which is important particularly for some situations.

It also has a speed of 6800RPM which is a very high rotation speed which will cut through everything I threw at it including some 15-inch oak which it made light work off.

One final thing I would like to mention is that it is very easy to clean the blade and it’s quite compact and only uses a small amount of space when you want to store it.

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First off I want to talk about the battery that comes with this chainsaw, it is available with a 4ah or a 6ah battery, I personally used the 4AH variant and I could get about 1 hour of run time, so if you want a longer battery life you can get the 6AH version. You could also have multiple batteries that you could switch out as you need to run for longer.

The power of this chainsaw is great – it cuts through everything I tried including some oak and birch which is cut through nice and easily.

One of the things that stands out to me with this chainsaw is the minimal maintenance that is needed. You don’t have the problem of having to maintain things like carburetors and air filters like you would on a gas chainsaw. You also don’t have the problem of having to pull the choke or cord pulls like you would on a gas one, here all you do is pull a trigger and you are up and running easy as pie!

In terms of the build quality it really is impressive with all the elements being strong and durable, along with the handling being comfortable and lightweight as well.

One final thing to mention about this chainsaw is the noise it makes or in fact the lack of it. Its noise is low for a chainsaw, actually one of the lowest I used so it really is ideal if you were doing work at the home where you don’t want to disturb people, so that definitely is a nice selling point.

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#2 Makita XCU02PT

When it comes to overall quality this Makita chainsaw is easily in contention for the best electric chainsaw. It weighs about 10lbs and is mainly made from strong plastic material which helps keep the overall weight low.

Setup and general usage is very easy with this 12” guide bar, all you have to do is click in the 2 lithium batteries that are included and then you are ready to rock and roll! The only maintenance that you will have to attend to is occasionally fill up a port where you put oil which is used to keep the blade lubricated, you can easily see when it needs topped up thanks to the indicator level. The chain can also be easily adjusted without the need for tools which saves a lot of time and inconvenience. The chain itself is quite narrow which makes for easier cutting and much less material loss.

While this isn’t the quietest electric chainsaw it is on the quieter end of the spectrum putting out about 85db of sound when cutting through the wood, so you shouldn’t have any issues disturbing anyone.

In terms of the build quality this chainsaw is very well balanced particularly thanks to the batteries at the back side along with having well-padded areas to hold the chainsaw makes for using it even for longer sessions less strenuous.

These small features and elements add up to give a chainsaw that is easily one of the best electric chainsaws out there and is an easy recommendation for me to make.

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The Best Electric Chainsaw

#1 Oregon Cordless 40V CS300-A6 Chain Saw

Let me start of by saying the build and the overall quality and materials that have been used here are second to none. The handles are ergonomic and easily one of the most comfortable to operate. Not only are the handles a joy to use but thanks to the chainsaw being quite lightweight (12lbs )it makes for long cutting sessions much less strenuous on the body. Handling is great and there is very little vibration compared to most other electric chainsaws.

In terms of battery life this one is hard to beat. I personally used the 4.0Ah battery back option and I could get 1.5 – 2 hours of operation time which is the brilliant, there is also a 6.0Ah option which I am sure will last even longer if you want the longest operation time possible. Because of how it works when you are not cutting it is not using any power unlike a gas chainsaw so this greatly extends the battery life. Also, charging the battery from empty takes about 2-3 hours. Of course, if you are going to be using the chainsaw a lot of any given day it would be best to have multiple batteries that you can change out as you need. Changing of the batteries literally only takes a handful of seconds to do.

The guide bar on this chainsaw is an ideal size of 16 inches which makes for cutting simple. In terms of power there is lots – you can easily cut through anything you throw at it even some of the hard woods it makes light work off.

The main chain can also be adjusted without the need for any tools you just use the red knob on the side to adjust it as you like. One final thing I want to mention is the chainsaw has a powersharp system which basically means you can sharpen your own chain wherever you are, though keep in mind you will need a Oregon chain to make use of this feature.

This is the best electric chainsaw out there, it has all the features and elements that you need from a great chainsaw along with high quality components and all at a competitive price point!

Electric Chainsaw Reviews

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