Best Strimmer for Overgrown Garden

Best Strimmer for Overgrown Garden

After having to tackle a garden that was overgrown and I mean it was up to my knees, I thought to myself what would be the best way to cut through it because using a lawn mower definitely was not going to do the job. So, I ended up choosing a strimmer that could handle the task was affordable because I had to stick to a budget. So, after much research I elected to go for this DEWALT Strimmer. Not only is it the best strimmer for overgrown garden but it can be realistically be used for a host of more things around the garden.

Best Strimmer for Overgrown Garden


Basically, this strimmer is ideal for cutting over grown grass for a lot of reasons. First of it is heavy duty so cutting through lots of grass is very light work in my experience.

One of the main reasons I elected to choose this is because of gears drive design which is built from the ground up to power through even tough and overgrown grass which is ideal for an overgrown garden. The engine it very effective at what it does – it has a 15” cutting swath with a line of 0.080 but it can also use a thicker line of 0.095 which is ideal for tougher pieces of grass, so I would recommend picking some up alongside this strimmer – one that is heavy duty would also be ideal – like this one. Although it’s heavy duty for a strimmer it is also surprisingly lightweight and has an ergonomic design. In my own personal usage, I was using it on overgrown grass for about 3 hours and it felt comfortable and didn’t produce any extra strain which is great for a heavier user or professional gardener.

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This trimmer is powered by 9-amp battery(DCB609) which is included in the box. When it comes to the battery in my testing I used it for about 4 hours and of the 3 bars that are used to display the remaining battery it showed 2/3 bars remaining. So for most users it will be more necessary and definitely a solid battery. The battery can be recharged as needed and the recharger is also included in the box so the only thing you may want to buy is some more heavy-duty wire which may not even be necessary for a lot of people but I would personally recommend it. Also because the engine is powered by electric this also makes it really quiet especially when compared with a normal engine which means no disturbing your neighbors!

In terms of operation there are a couple speed options for whatever you are doing which is nice. Though for most circumstances even with overgrown grass you won’t need the high setting most of the time, so it terms of power it’s definitely more than necessary and it will easily make lightwork of even super overgrown and tough grass.

One small downside that I want to mention is the shield that is used to protect you from kickback of the grass is a little smaller than I would like, so you may be prone to getting some grass on your clothes. I would also personally recommend you pick up a pair of safety glasses especially if you are going to use the strimmer on overgrown grass and taller weeds.

This strimmer is the best strimmer for overgrown garden and it’s very easy for me to recommend you pick it up today!

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