Halo XRT 500 Laser Rangefinder Reviews

Halo XRT 500 Laser Rangefinder Reviews

When to comes to golfing choosing the perfect club for each and every shot can be a challenge, figuring out the distance can be tricky and often leads to ending up short of the green or over the back and into the rough, though if you have a rangefinder you won’t have that excuse anymore because you will always get the perfect yardage. Therefore, choosing the club should be a simple task. It can of course can be used for hunting and the like but in my usage, I used it only on the course. After doing lots of research and reading lots of Halo XRT 500 laser rangefinder reviews and looking and testing a host of different options I came to the conclusion that this Halo XRT 500 is a great option for someone who is interested in a very cheap and affordable rangefinder – it is a perfect entry point for someone just looking to buy one for the first time. Let me explain why.

Halo XRT 500 Laser Rangefinder Reviews – Overview

There aren’t many affordable rangefinders that offer good quality for a low price point so my main goal was to find an option that was best suited for that.

Let me start of by talking about the build and quality of the rangefinder itself. It has strong and sturdy plastic shell. It has grips on top and bottom which prevents it from slipping even when your hands are sweating or the rain is falling. So, its waterproof which is ideal for most outdoors situations as well. It also has grooves which make it more ergonomic and generally more comfortable in the hand. Where you use it also has an almost rubber like material which is more soft and comfortable when in contact with your face, this isn’t a element you usually see on cheaper models so this is a nice element.

Halo XRT 500 Laser Rangefinder Review

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When it comes to distance the max distance/range is 500 yards which is more than enough for most hunting and golfing activities. It also has 6x magnification which makes for finding your target easier when at greater range. Basically, in terms of how it operates there is one button that you can press and it will give you the distance to where you are pointing but there is also the option where the yardage is constantly updated which is convenient for some situations. When it comes to accuracy it does exactly what it promises and that is be within 1-2 yards of the perfect distance at worst and usually is always much closer in my testing.

It’s worth mentioning that you will need a CR2 Lithium battery that is not included so you will need to buy one. I personally used the Duracell CR2 battery which worked perfectly for me. So, do keep in mind you will need that if you choose to buy it. It also comes with a Nylon case which is perfect for portability. As I myself used it for golfing I was able to put it inside my bag easily when I was done using it and that keep it protected.

One final thing I want to mention is the portability of the unit. You can easily keep it in your pocket like I did when golfing its small and compact and light as well.

This rangefinder is without a doubt one of the best options when it comes to an affordable rangefinder, it has all elements you need so it’s an easy recommendation for me to make!

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This has been my Halo XRT 500 Laser Rangefinder Reviews article.