Best Trauma Shears – Detailed Round Up

Trauma shears can be used for a host of stations but it’s important that you have a pair that can stand up to things like seat belts and other strong and tough materials that need to be cut through.

I have used a selection of different shears to come to the conclusion of what are the best options out there right now. Below are my top 3 options of what I believe are the best trauma shears available right now.

Best Trauma Shears – Top 3

#1 Leatherman – Raptor Shears

If you are looking for a serious pair of shears, then this pair of Raptor Shears from Leatherman are probably your best bet. These aren’t like your typical Trauma Shears that you may have come across or used before. They are incredibly tough and can cut through tough and dense material that the average pair of shears simply couldn’t handle. To give you an idea of their cutting power – they can easily cut through most coins such as pennies and make for cutting through a seat belt light work.

Not only are these shears immense for cutting power and overall build quality but they also have a couple other pieces attached to help you out if needed. There is a strap cutter and an oxygen wrench built in which can be extremely useful to certain people. Also, the handles are made from glass and coated in nylon which too make them incredibly strong and tough. Tough enough for Leatherman to offer a 25 year warranty with them!

  • Premium build
  • Very durable
  • Excellent cutting power
  • 25 year warranty
  • Additional features
  • Expensive

Best EMT Shears ?

#2 XSHEAR 7.5”

If you are looking for a simple yet amazingly effective pair of shears, then this pair from Xshear is definitely worth your consideration.

The thing I really like about these shears is there design. Unlike a lot of worse quality shears which can often get caught on clothing or become stuck or jammed these shears have none of these problems. They have been clearly designed with this in mind. Designed to not get in the way while doing what they are meant to do effectively. Another great thing about these is that there are no sharp edges or anything for the shears to get caught on which make them an ideal tool to use in an emergency.

As you might have imagined these shears cut extremely well and have made light work of anything I tested on them, including clothing and seatbelts etc.

  • Excellent design
  • Don’t get caught on material or jam
  • Tough build
  • Great cutting power
  • No additional features

Best Affordable Option

#3 Prestige Medical Fluoride Scissor

I wanted to include one pair of shears on my top 3 options that was affordable. For me these shears from Prestige are your best option if you are looking for an affordable pair of shears. While they aren’t up to the same standard as my other 2 options they still do quite a good job especially considering their price.

The main reason I choose these over the other affordable options out there is because of their design. The design has been well thought out and makes for using them a breeze. The scissors are made from stainless steel and they are coated with a nonstick which makes for cutting through tape etc. a lot easier. There cutting power is excellent for their price and while they aren’t just as strong as my first 2 options they still do an amazing job cutting through most materials with ease.

  • Cheap
  • Good design
  • Good cutting power
  • Not as durable as my 1st 2 options