Best Doormat for Sand – Overview and Round Up

When its snowing and you enter the heat of your home you feel relived and happy to be back in the warmth though you don’t want to make a mess of your entrance with dirt and snow.

Having a doormat that can absorb all the water and get the dirt and grim of your shoes is quite important. I have tried and tested over 10 different doormats out there in particular for use in the snow. Below are my top 5 available options.

Best Doormat for Sand – Top 5

#1 Floor Mat from Hengli Mat Manufacturing Company

Floor Mat from Hengli Mat Manufacturing Company
This door mat absorbs any moisture that comes from the snow of the shoes and it also grabs any dirt and grim quite well.

Also, thanks to the rubber base it holds well in place when you are scrubbing your shoes with it.

While there are no cleaning instructions included I personally just put mine in the washing machine for 1 hour and it comes out like new which is great.

Best Doormat for Dirt

#2 GlassWorx Scraper Mat

GlassWorx Scraper Mat
This mat is easily one of the best matts for grabbing all the moisture and sand from your shoes/boots. This is probably because of the its longer bristles. That of which are made from an astro turf like material. This grabs the dirt and moisture and all the moisture is absorbed into the base of the matt which works well. T

he great thing about this mat is that it can be used inside or outside in your porch. In terms of overall toughness and durability this mat was definitely one of my favorites. It just feels higher quality than most of the other options I used.

Best Doormat for Snow

#3 Doormat from BEAU JARDIN

Doormat from BEAU JARDIN
Out of all the doormats that I used this one is the best for absorbing any water or moisture from the snow. The great thing is even when it gets filled with moisture it doesn’t leak or seep through into your carpet below or whatever so it really is a great buy. The material itself it quite dense and grabs any sand really well but the most impressive thing for this mat is the way it grabs any moisture like I mentioned before.

The final thing I would like to mention about this mat is that is it very easy to clean. Just throw it in your washing machine and it will come out looking as good as new.

#4 Doormat from Ellogio

Doormat from Ellogio
This matt is more low profile than some of the others though it still does a great job. It absorbs the moisture from the snow well and thank to the base being made from rubber this stops it from moving around.

Another thing I particularly liked about this mat is its design. Unlike most other mats which are quite plain in design and style this one has a nice Victorian like pattern which was a nice change from most others which are quite generic.

Best Doormat for Rain

#5 Doormat from Refetone

Doormat from Refetone
I wanted to include this mat from Refetone as my final option as its easily one of the best doormats for winter out there. It has more of a carpet like material than feels much softer and more absorbent than most other matts. It reminds me like a carpet material but is softer and let feels more durable.

It is really high quality and I am impressed at how well it absorbs water and moisture. If you are living somewhere where there is a lot of sand this may not be the best option as it does show the sand more easily though that may not bother you.

As for grabbing any sand thanks to it longer material it grabs the dirt well and helps remove any inground sand/dirt and grim from your shoes much easier. Also this mat is very easy to clean and a vacuum can easily clean it.