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Confused? Don’t be- We went through the standby generator reviews and home generator reviews for you!

When you’re looking to buy the best generator for you, whether it’s the most fitting and best portable generator or for your house, the market is absolutely inundated in standby generator reviews, home generator reviews, backup generator reviews, you name it. There’s recommendations and specifications raining down from every home improvement guide you see, or shop assistant you talk to (admittedly, the latter are more concerned with the price tag, than how well it fits you). And it can be a mind boggling puzzle to solve, wading through the mire of brands and offers and guarantees and limits. Surely buying the best generator doesn’t have to mean drowning in standby generator reviews or home generator reviews.

It doesn’t.

There’s no need for you to work so hard for something so simple. Especially when we can simplify it further for you. The premise of standby generators is simple. What you need is a machine that will unobtrusively sit inside your house, and take over in a few seconds when the power cuts out. Because power cuts happen. Whether its summer or not, some of us just have to put up with them. And if not that, accidental or repair related power cuts can happen. In any case, having a backup power source to keep your house running for a few hours, is the best thing to do. Whether you’re in the middle of game night, or it’s just really hot, it’s always good to have a secondary source of power.

A way to further refine this search is to look at generators where you don’t have to go running and manually refuel it, after every use. There are so many options with liquid propane or natural gas fueled generators, which don’t require as much monitoring about input. And if you want to go the traditional route, you can go for diesel powered generators as well.

You don’t have to stop just there. If you’re looking for a smaller set up, you can always opt for the best portable generator for you instead. This way you can find a machine that’ll hold the fort for you for a few hours, and pack up and come with you on the road too, whether it’s a camper van you prefer, or camping.

Feeling a little overwhelmed again? Don’t be. We’ve gone through the top standby generator reviews and home generator reviews, to list the best options you can choose from.

Standing Amidst the Standby Generator Reviews and Home Generator Reviews

#5 Generac 6998 Guardian Series

Being a 7.5kW/6kW generator, with an 8 Circuit 50 Amp Transfer Switch, the Generac 6998 Guardian can initially seem like a lot to take in. This ecofriendly option fits in easily in your house, hooking up to your pre-existing natural gas or LP supply, and requiring only a few seconds between power disconnection and restarting the power supply to your house. One of the reasons the Generac Guardian series is the darling of home generator reviews everywhere, is that it comes with a deceptively easy control panel that lets you accurately adjust the amount of power output you want. Whether you want your entire house backed up for a few hours, or just the essential electronic appliances, you can adjust the outflow to handle just that much. This lets you control the usage and expenditure of the power backup, and heavily limits any wastage.

Also, the electronics. The darlings of the modern house. The Generac 6998 Guardian again receives glowing standby generator reviews for sensitive electronic items, with less than 5% total harmonic dissonance. This generator runs on liquid propane or natural gas, so you can use whichever fuel supply is more comfortable for you. A good thing to keep in mind is that it requires a regulator upwards of 120,000 BTU. It’s also a good idea, if you’re using Liquid Propane, to have a tank that has around 250 gallons at least. This will prevent there ever being an instance of low fuel pressure for this super efficient generator. Also, at 250 lb, this model isn’t likely to be the best portable generator for  you, but as far as your home needs are concerned, it’s got you covered. At just above the average price for home generators, the Generac 6998 Guardian has been one of my top economically sound and effective experiences.

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#4 Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS 20,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator

Now here’s a name everyone knows at a glance- Kohler. No surprise, given the brand’s reputation for reliability, that the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS Standby Generator has lots of positive home generator reviews. This particular series comes with two options- a 100 or 200 Amp Whole-House, Service Entrance Rated, Load Shedding Automatic Transfer Switch. Both the models share the best standby generator reviews- take less than ten seconds to kick in, effective backup, and one my personal favorites while using generators- these are extremely quiet! It’s so nice to have a power backup that won’t take your ear off, or wake up the entire neighborhood in the dead of the night! Again, this model enjoys especial popularity because of its specifications for +/-1% voltage regulation and less than 5% harmonic distortion, which make it reliable for both home and office use, as standby generator reviews regularly mention.

Another unexpected advantage to this model is that it is 100% corrosion resistant enclosure, which keeps the body of the generator sealed and safe. Any of us living in humid or coastal regions can attest to how much the salt air and moisture decreases the lifetime of appliances. Not so with the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS. This is one of the reasons this model has received such positive backup generator reviews. And you know what that means. Whether you live by the sea or perched on a craggy mountainside, you’re going to be able to maintain your house the way you want for as long as you like, power cut or no power cut.

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#3 Briggs & Stratton 40532 12kW Standby Generator

Like Kohler, Briggs & Stratton is also a reliable and well known name, when buying electronics is discussed. This 40532 12kW generator gives you more reason to know it as such, too. It is a carefully designed home generator with a particular feature that sets it apart from most generators of its class- Symphony II Power Management System. This is an especially effective design feature that lets you backup an air conditioner for an area up to 5500 feet (that’s right, a 4 ton air conditioner), while simultaneously saving money on running the same air conditioning system. The size and output of this generator makes it imminently suited for being a secondary supply for larger homes, and even some office or shop spaces. It’s been tailored to fit into smaller lot lines, and also to function despite a lower level natural gas supply, even in areas where you have a 3.5” to 7” water column. Except for the initial wiring, the generator is fully automated and very simple to use, a fact the standby generator reviews mention repeatedly. I’ve found that the ease of access of use for this model outshined many other generators I’ve used before. I suppose it makes sense- they do have a name for easy household gadgets.

At slightly above 300lb, the Briggs & Stratton 40532 is not what you’d call the best portable generator. However, like its predecessors, the home generator reviews for this model are invariably positive, an experience that I myself can second. The Symphony II Power Management system lets it simultaneously support low demand and high demand appliances, with no power surges. So if you feel like heating up a hot pocket when the AC is on full blast, while the entire street has no power, the Briggs & Stratton 40532 has got your back. With an output like that, and a lifetime like that, it deserves its moniker- a little powerhouse.

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#2 Siemens ASGE011RBS 11000-watt Air-Cooled Liquid Propane or Natural Gas Powered Standby Generator

Whew! That’s a mouthful of a name! But Siemens- we all know Siemens very well, as well as their quality and groundbreaking technology. The Siemens ASGE011RBS hasn’t made it to our number two spot just like that, you know. This home generator has been pushed up through the standby generator reviews because it’s a ‘smart’ generator. Like the others, it also works on Liquid Propane or natural gas. It does not require any wiring after the initial connection, and absolutely no switches or plugs or what have you. Sitting outside your house, this generator simply wakes up when the power goes out, and carries the power supply. Its automatic backup function kicks in in the span of seconds. There’s no manual activation, so even if you’re not at home, your appliances are being looked after. And since it’s Siemens, there has to be ‘smart’ function.

This quiet little home generator can be programmed for a weekly exercise, to keep it sharp and functional in case of any sudden interruption in power supply. You know that guy in horror movies, who goes out in the middle of a storm to see why the generator isn’t working, and then gets eaten up by a mutant bat? That’s not going to be you. Your generator is going to be working just fine. Personally, I’m counting on having a nice, cozy night through whatever storm, mutant bats or not. And on the subject of economy, the Siemens generator is the lowest priced in this segment of home generators, which is definitely one more reason for you to sigh with relief.

Also, clean power. The clean power output from the Siemens ASGE011RBS helps you charge and use the more sensitive electronic appliances with minimal disturbance, thanks to its low total harmonic dissonance. Still not sold? Think of that storm again, or maybe just rain, or maybe you live in a particularly humid area. You know your appliances have a life that’s halved by the environmental conditions. Now, Siemens remedies this with a RhinoCoat system. No rhinos in the paint, but all of the defense the name implies. Your generator couldn’t possibly be safer- unless it had a generator of its own?

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#1 Kohler Single Phase Natural Gas and Propane Double Fuel Standby Generator

And it’s Kohler again! While the number of models to choose from is staggering, the two Kohler models that make our Top Five stand out for a reason. This 14 Kw 58 Amp 120/240 tank, excuse the pun, comes with 14RESA Features- An RDC2 controller and Command PRO engine (with hydraulic valves- a true Kohler engine!) beefing up the generator. It has a maximum wattage of 14000W and 120/240 Rated voltage. Once wired to a switch, it takes less than five seconds to restart the power supply.

The Kohler 14 Kw 58 Amp 120/240 Single Phase is universally decreed the best home generator you could buy, by pretty much any standby generator reviews. This monopoly owes to its excellent engine, fuel efficiency, and versatility- using it for an AC? No problem. Using it for a heat generator? Still no problem. Want to use an electric oven too? No problem at all. As long as the fuel supply is sufficient, this home generator has got your needs covered. Admittedly more expensive than the other brands, the Kohler generators are nonetheless the most highly rated, and recommended. And it holds doubly through for working in bad weather conditions.

Living in the hurricane belt necessitates a standby generator that can hold its own, when a storm hits. When the power blows out in the middle of a storm, you need a backup generator that won’t fail you. A particular point of notice is that it’s always a good idea to have a Kohler approved technician set up your Kohler 14 Kw 58 Amp standby generator. This is a generator that can last you for years. Don’t let a fuse happy neighbor get his hands on it before you’ve had a technician hook it up. Otherwise? This home generator is all the backup for your home that you could need.

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