Generac Ix2000 Generator Reviews

Generac IX2000 Generator Reviews

When it comes to finding a portable generator that meets all your needs it can be difficult and challenging – so I have tested and used a host of different options and reviewed each of them. I have had a lot of requests to review this Generac IX 2000 series unit, so after using it for 2 months, now I will give you my own experience with it. This is my generac ix2000 generator reviews article.

Generac IX2000 Generator Reviews – Overview

First of let me start of by saying there is 2 different options available for this generac 6719 generator, there is a 2000 watt version and a 800 watt version. For my own testing, I was using the 2000 watt option.

For the 2000 watt option it has 2000 running watts and 2200 starting watts. It has 2 5-20R outlets available that both has overload protection which is great, there is also a 12-volt battery charging outlet if needed which is a nice addition.

One of the neat features that I really liked about this generator is a feature that Generac call “Flex Power” which basically equates to the engine adapting to the amount of power that it is currently needed and not over producing power, this of course saves fuel and allows for the upmost running time. It also keeps the noise to a minimum because the device is rarely running under full load and this keeps the noise level very low.

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Now that I have mentioned the noise level let me speak about it for a moment, the noise level is very low on this generator, it is without a doubt one of the quietest generators that I have used, for example it could be easily used at a campsite even at nighttime without bothering any of your camping neighbors which is a massive selling point.

When it comes to run time I was consistently able to get 5 hours of usage on one tank of gas at about 1/3 to ¼ load which in comparison with other generators is well above average for this wattage.

When it comes to build quality I was happy with the unit it feels sturdy and built to last. It has a handle on the top which makes for carrying a breeze. The portability of this unit is great, even with a full tank of gas it was easy to carry even for longer distances. I carried it for 20 minutes and didn’t feel any strain which was great especially for some of you campers and hikers out there! This is definitely a contender for the quietest camping generator!

The only downside I could see with this unit was that occasionally it would need 2-3 pulls to get the engine started but at half the price of some of its competitors I think it’s worth the effort! When it comes to value for money this generator is 2nd to none – it offers a tremendous amount of value alongside all of the element and features that you would want and need from a portable generator, so it’s an easy recommendation for me to make!

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