Top Rated Electric Hot Water Heaters

Top Rated Electric Hot Water Heaters – Buyers Guide

There are a plethora of different hot water heaters on the market, some other better quality and general functionality than others and some offer almost instant hot water whereas with some you may have to wait some time. Here I have used a host of different water heaters with the aim to find the best options out there. Below are the top rated options out there and my own personal thoughts on each of them.

Best Rated Electric Hot Water Heaters

Great Value Option

Bosch Tronic 3000 T

Bosch Tronic 3000 T

There are a host of electric water heaters that are more affordable but a lot of them fall short in terms of functionality and overall quality, though with this Bosch unit you get all the quality and functionality for a really low price point. With this unit you have the option of 3 different sized tank – the smallest being a 2.5-gallon tank and the largest being a 7 gallon tank. So, for general kitchen and bathroom sink usage these should be more the sufficient. Also, due to their smaller capacity they can be easily installed under the sink for example.

In terms of the installation they can be placed on a shelf or they can be mounted to a wall – however you see fit. The installation is one of the easiest I have encountered on a water heater like this. It plugs in with a regular electric plug and there are 2 standard hoses which need to be connected which every sink has. So, it’s really simple and will be possible for anyone to do.

I personally used the 4-gallon option and I had hot running water for over 4 minutes of run time before the water ran cold. The temperature can also be adjusted to whatever you prefer. This ranges from 65F to 145F, so it can get extremely hot. Also, the most important part about this hot water is that it is instant – it only takes a couple of seconds for the hot water to start flowing.

If you are looking for an affordable option that has the quality then this is a great option and I recommend it.

  • Bargain price
  • Instant hot water(2 seconds)
  • Very easy setup
  • Run for over 4 minutes on 1 tank
  • Doesn’t have a premium look

Brilliant All Rounder

Reliance 6 6 SOMS K

Reliance 6 6 SOMS K

This Reliance water heater is a great all-round option for someone who needs a quality hot water heater for a reasonable price and has the quality that lasts – in fact Reliance have backed up this product with a 6-year warranty which not only covers you but is also a great reassurance of a reliable product.

This water heater has a 6-gallon tank which is a size which is more the adequate for any kitchen or bathroom sink. It could also be used in an office thanks to having a little more capacity if that’s what you need it for. Also, because the tank is small it can still fit under your sink if you like.

In terms of general usage, the water is instantly warm and lasted about 6-7 minutes before the tank empties of hot water and the water becomes cold.

It’s also worth noting the installation is quite simple thanks to there being a side mounted cold inlet and a single outlet for the hot water. It is really simple which makes installation a breeze.
  • Affordable price
  • Hot water runs for 6-7 minutes
  • Easy set up
  • 6-year warranty
  • n/a

Heavy Duty Option

Westinghouse 80 Gal. 4500W

Westinghouse 80 Gal. 4500W

I wanted to include one option that was capable of providing an immense and seemingly endless supply of hot water. It is available in 5 different sizes all of which are big in capacity. The smallest option is 40 gallons and the largest is 115 gallons though the option I used was the 80 gallons option. This option is suitable for a host of things thanks to its much larger capacity though the main usage that comes to mind is for showering and of course not just for one person but for a whole family.

In terms of installation it was relatively simple – it should only take 2-3 hours’ time – though I would recommend having a ladder to reach your connections. I recommend the ladder because the unit itself is about 6 feet tall and that makes for reaching the connections on top troublesome when you can’t reach them properly or at all.

I was overall impressed with the quality and general materials that are used. The functionality works also just as you expect, you can basically have unlimited long showers all while the hot water never stops flowing. The water is also basically instantly hot so it works just as you would like.

There really isn’t much more to say – this unit does exactly what you expect with a nice build quality and relatively simple setup – it’s a solid choice for someone looking a seemingly endless supply of hot water for showers and the like.

  • Massive capacity
  • Premium build and materials
  • Relatively easy set up for a bigger tank(2-3 hours)
  • Works flawlessly
  • Nice selection of tank sizes
  • Pricey

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