Weber Summit S670 Review – Detailed Review

There is no doubt if you are considering a Weber Summit S670 you are quite the grill master yourself. But can this grill live up to your big expectations as well as the big price. Well now I am going give my thoughts on this grill after 3 months of usage, covering everything whether good or bad to give you the whole picture before you make your purchase decision.

Weber Summit S 670 Review

Weber Summit S670 Review

Let me start of by talking about the setup of this grill. The set up was really easy overall thanks to well laid out instructions which only took me about 40 minutes to get things set up and running.

Once you get this grill set up you will see it in all its glory. This grill looks amazing particularly in the sun where it really dazzles and looks incredibly high end and premium. As far as the build goes everything is very strong and feels durable and well designed. A common problem with some other grills is weakness or poor design in the handles or hinges area – here with this Weber that is the complete opposite – they are well fitted and hold in place without any wiggle which is perfect.

Now when it comes to the grilling this grill is tremendous. It has a lot of heating power – in fact 60,00 BTU. There are 6 burners which all can be adjusted individually and if you are just cooking a little there is no need to power on every burner, so you can use the grill to save fuel accordingly.

When all the burners are on and set at the same temperature the heat of the grill is perfectly evenly distributed and there are no cold spots to be found. The grates are what Weber called Flavorizer bars which really give the food some amazing sear marks.

The hood of the grill can also be closed and the temperature can be monitored using the built-in temperature gauge.

The cooking area with this grill is really big. The most I cooked on it at once was 20 quarter pounder burgers and there was still room for more. My point being if you need lots of cooking space then this grill is a good fit for you. Finally, as for the cooking you can also cook sauces or whatever with the built-in side burner which is built into the right hand shelve and it works just as you would imagine.

With the design you can see the grill has the side shelves which can be used for food prep or anything else you like. Also, as I already mentioned the right-hand side shelf has a built-in side burner. The left-hand side shelf has a place to hang your utensils as well. The side shelves can be lowered when moving the grill or when storing it over the winter etc. The grill also has wheels built in which can also be clamped.

A couple more of the features I have never used on a grill myself before this are – you can check the fuel amount left with the press of a button, of course this isn’t available on the natural gas model. Also, another cool feature I like is the built-in lights which are built into the handle so when the hood is up they will automatically turn on, which making cooking late at night or in the dark a possibility.

On a final note the grease management system works well. The grease catcher can be removed, and it can be cleaned easily. The same thing can be said for the grates they can be removed and cleaned and its easy to get any grease and git off thanks to the material they are coated with. I would also like to mention some people have had an issue where the grease catcher gets water in it after being in the rain outside. For me that didn’t happen though its worth mentioning. The people who have had the issue where easily able to fix it simply by contacting Weber or covering the grill with a cover. Though this small issue shouldn’t dissuade you from buying this beast of a grill!

Weber Summit S670 Review – Conclusion

Weber Summit S 670 Review

Overall this grill is the best grill I have ever used. It does exactly what you want and has a great design along with being durable and well-made and having some unique and practical features. While the price isn’t cheap you do get a magnificent product that will surely last you for years to come!

  • Excellent build quality
  • Very durable and well made
  • Easy to install
  • Large cooking space
  • Great additional features
  • Pricey