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Danby 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Review – Top Choice?

Though this Danby AC is an affordable option you wouldn’t of thought that when it comes to design and build quality. It looks great in person. It has a unique LED display that it seamless with the front of the AC and I personally love how it looks, the temperature is easy to read thanks to the quite large text size they have used. Though it is a subtle and sleep design and for me that a great thing.

Danby 10000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

This air conditioner is designed to be portable but how portable is it actually? Well there are 4 wheels on the bottom side which allows you to wheel it around easily. There are also handles on either side which you can grab and again makes moving it from place to place very simple.

When it comes to performance this unit has 10,000 BTU. That’s enough to cool a room up to the size of 450 square feet. For a rough reference, this should be enough for most bedrooms and smaller living room/space. This can be controlled with 3 fan speeds which adjusts the circulation and how much cooler you want the room and how quickly it will cool the room. Even on the highest setting this AC doesn’t put out that much noise and is relatively quiet and shouldn’t disturb you if you need quiet for sleeping or studying or whatever else. So overall the performance is very good and does a great job even though it’s a smaller and less powerful air conditioner.

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Though this is primarily an air conditioner it also has additional features. One being a built-in dehumidifier which if you don’t know lowers the humidity of the room which in basic terms reduces the amount of moisture/water in the air which of course helps with cooling especially if it is hot and humid. This AC also has the feature to use it simply as a fan, this is perfect when you don’t want to use as much power when it isn’t as hot. This is of course ideal for saving money because it uses less power on that setting.

It’s also worth mentioning that is comes with a remote control so you can control it remotely which is very convenient.

One final thing I would like to mention is the automatic mode, how this works is it will set the appropriate function for the ambient temperature. For example, if its 18°C the unit would switch to fan mode but if its 30°C then it would turn the air conditioner part of the cooling process back on. This is a great option particularly at night and could save you a lot in energy bills in the long run.

Overall I really liked the AC it has a great design along with the 3 included features all in one, all while being portable and reasonably priced.

Great Recommendation.

danby ac