Grizzly G0505 Planer Review

Grizzly G0505 Planer Review – Good Quality for Great Price?

This grizzly planer is designed to be a planer that is portable and can be moved around without much effort. It was designed with that in mind and unlike some more typical planners that tend to be bigger and bulkier its more practical in a lot more situations because of this thanks to its design and overall size. This is my Grizzly G0505 Planer Review.

Grizzly G0505 Review – Overview

Let me start if by talking about the set up and just generally starting to use this planer. Basically because of the design of this planner there is literally no set up, its simply plug in and you are reading to get planing.

When it comes to construction and build quality of this planner you may have thought due to it more portable design that it would suffer but you would be very wrong with that assumption. The build quality is tremendous, it is very well constructed and every component feels strong and sturdy and built to last a lifetime. Everything from the grips on each of the bottom corners to hold it securely in place to an ON/OFF switch with a safety lock – everything is high quality.

Grizzly G0505 Review

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This Grizzly planer weighs in at 78 pounds and has the dimensions of 24 x 14 x 18 inches. It is a 12.5-inch planner which has a 2 HP motor that runs at 10,000 RPM and has a 32 FPM feed rate. Though all of these specifications and statistics don’t tell you how it actually performs so let me explain. When operating it, it really works like a dream feeding the wood through is seamless and works just as you would imagine not to mention that the end product is perfect with 52 cuts per inch.

This unit doesn’t come with a dust exhaust port, instead it comes with a dust deflector shield which is more than enough for a light user but if you are going to be using this planer inside or using it a lot you can buy an adapter from Grizzly which will allow for use with a VAC system.

When operating this planer, it’s just a matter of turning it on and feeding the wood through and it does exactly what you want it to do. It’s worth noting once it’s running it generates a decent amount of noise though it isn’t insanely loud or enough to disturb your neighbors or anything of the sort.

This planner is portable and provides a basically instantaneous set up that doesn’t make the quality lower in fact it is some of the best in the business. Along with being very easy to use and all at an insanely affordable price point. I think this is an ideal choice for both home use and workshop use, it’s basically the perfect all-rounder that is one of the best planers I have ever used!

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This has been my Grizzly G0505 Review.