Weber S210 Review

Weber S210 Review – The Best Grill I Ever Used?

Weber are known for designing and manufacturing some of the best grills out there when it comes to quality and affordability. This Weber is no different and provides great value for money and overall quality – let me explain exactly why. In my Weber Spirit S210 Review I used the the stainless-steel version.

Weber S210 Review

Weber Spirit S210 Review (2 Burner)

Before I talk about the quality of the grill let me first talk about assembly. When it comes to assembly you have 2 options when buying from Amazon. One being you assemble it yourself or pay extra to have an expert to assemble it for you. I personally opted to assemble it by myself. The assembly was incredibly easy for a grill particularly considering some grills you would need a degree course to assemble properly, although this is nothing of the sort. The directions are all pictures which works surprisingly well and is easy as pie even if you aren’t a handyman yourself. Sometimes I would recommend opting for expert assembly on some grills but with this grill I don’t think you need to.

First of let me talk about the build and general quality for this grill. When you have the grill set up it looks incredible, everything shining in the sun and it really looks top notch. Also all the materials used are of top notch quality especially for the price point, it’s surprising how high end everything is and has been designed. This grill has 2 stainless steel burners which output 26,000 BTU per hour of heat. When it heats up it does it quickly and the food is cooked accurately and evenly.

Weber Spirt S210 Review

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On top is the cook box which is made of aluminum which not only means its lightweight and easy to open/close as you need but also thanks to its design helps hold the heat well and allows for optimal airflow so your food is always cooked perfectly evenly.

On each side of the grill there are shelves which unlike cheaper brands you may find in Walmart or the like are strong and don’t move or flex even under great pressure. Also, they can be released so you can use it in a tighter space or store it inside using less space. The sides allow for preparation of the food and whatever else you need them for and when you are coming from a grill that didn’t have them you are not going to be able to go back when you have this – it’s so convenient you have been warned! When the sides are down the overall footprint is quite small and can easily be stored without the feeling of it hogging all the space. The grill is standing on 4 wheels on each corner that allow for it to be moved as you please, also each wheel can be clamped to keep in rigidly in place when you are cooking.

There are 2 burners that can be ignited only via the left burner, once the left burner is on then the right burner can be ignited though you cannot ignite the right burner on its own which is a small downside. Having the 2 burners means you can be cooking on the left side and place the food that is cooked on the right with the lid down. This will definitely keep the food warm while continuing to cook on the left side, this can be really useful at times.

If you are someone who needs high heat for whatever you are cooking this grill is the perfect choice. It can get up to 600 degrees if not at least 550. It’s toasty to say the least!

One final thing I would like to mention is the grease tray, when you are cooking all the oil and grease will fall into the grease tray. The tray itself is large and has an aluminum tray liner which can be replaced very easily need be.

If you are on the market for a grill that offers quality all over and has all the keys elements and features needed for a grill this Weber S210 is easily one of the best options and one of the best grills I have ever used!

PS – If you do decide to buy this grill and don’t have space to store it inside I would recommend picking one of these covers that will protect it in the winter from the elements.

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